Learn about the String data type in Notion formulas.

The String data type holds and represents text content. Strings can hold nearly any character by default.

You can create a string by wrapping characters within quotation marks ". This includes numbers, “true/false”, etc. If you wrap characters in quotation marks, you’ll create a string.

"Monkey D. Luffy"


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Strings can be concatenated, i.e. combined. You can do so with the join function and with the add operator +:

"Monkey D. Luffy" + " will be " + "King of the Pirates!"
/* Output: Monkey D. Luffy will be King of the Pirates! */

join(["Monkey D. Luffy", "will be", "King of the Pirates!"], " ")
/* Output: Monkey D. Luffy will be King of the Pirates! */
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You cannot perform mathematical operations on strings. Notion does not do string-to-number conversion, so you’ll need to convert strings to numbers manually.

If a string contains nothing but a number, you can convert it using the toNumber function:

/* Invalid: Will throw an error */
add(2, "2")

/* Valid */
add(2, toNumber("2"))
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You can compare strings using the equal == and unequal != operators and related functions.

Good to know: Equal and unequal operators test for strict equality. In JavaScript, this would be done with the === operator.

"Monkey" == "Monkey" /* Output: true */

"Monkey" == "monkey" /* Output: false (comparison is case-sensitive) */

"Goku" != "Vegeta" /* Output: true */
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You can now compare strings to non-string values.

"1" == 1 /* Output: false */

"true" != true /* Output: true */
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Some special characters must be escaped with the backslash character \ in order to represented property in a Notion formula.

CharacterEscape Sequence
Double Quote "\"
Backslash \\\

Important notes:

  • Single quotes ' do not need to be escaped. If you wrap a string in single quotes, you’ll get an invalid character error.

Here’s a reference database that contains all of these escaped characters, which you can duplicate:

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