Return Null/Empty Values in Formulas

Learn how to return a null (or empty) value from a Notion formula.

Unlike Javascript, Notion formulas do not have a null data type. However, it is possible to make a formula return a null/empty value using some easy workarounds.

To return a null/empty string, use a pair of double quotes "":


/* Testing emptiness */
empty("") /* Output: true */
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To return a null/empty number, use the following formula (credit to aNotioneer on Twitter for this number workaround):


/* Testing emptiness */
empty(toNumber("")) /* Output: true */
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Likewise, you can return a null/empty date object using this formula:


/* Testing emptiness */
empty(parseDate("")) /* Output: true */
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There is no possible null/empty state for Booleans/Checkboxes. However, you can convert Booleans to strings with format in order to create a setup where true/false/empty is possible:

/* Assume "Checkbox" is a Boolean/Checkbox property. 

/* Invalid; will throw an error: */
if( 1 > 2, prop("Checkbox"), "")

/* Valid. Will output "true", "false", or an empty value. */
if( 1 > 2, format(prop("Checkbox")), "")
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You can return an empty list by using the following formula:


/* Testing emptiness */
empty([]) /* Output: true */

/* Adding an empty string, number, boolean, or list inside the 
square brackets will mean the list is no longer considered empty */

/* Testing emptiness */
empty([""]) /* Output: false */
empty([0]) /* Output: false */
empty([false]) /* Output: false */
empty([[]]) /* Output: false */
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This example database demonstrates how outputting null/empty values from several formulas allows us to calculate a per-genre average rating inside a Movies database.

Return Null/Empty Values from Formulas

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