Learn how to use the cbrt function in Notion formulas.

The cbrt() function returns the cube root of its argument. cbrt() accepts only numbers.

cbrt(number) number.cbrt()

The argument is \(a\) where:

cbrt(8) /* Output: 2 */ 64.cbrt() /* Output: 4 */ /* Total surface area of cube with Volume 300m³ using formula 6a², where a = edge length */ 6 * cbrt(300)^2 /* Output: 268.88428479343 */

The example database below calculates several properties of a cube given a specific volume.

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/* Side Length */ round(cbrt(prop("Volume (m³)")) * 100) / 100 + "m" /* Side Area */ round(100 * cbrt(prop("Volume (m³)")) ^ 2) / 100 + "m²" /* LSA (Lateral Surface Area - 4 sides) */ round(4 * cbrt(prop("Volume (m³)")) ^ 2 * 100) / 100 + "m²" /* TSA (Total Surface Area - all 6 sides) */ round(6 * cbrt(prop("Volume (m³)")) ^ 2 * 100) / 100 + "m²" /* Face Diagonal Length */ round(cbrt(prop("Volume (m³)")) * sqrt(2) * 100) / 100 + "m" /* Solid Diagonal Length */ round(cbrt(prop("Volume (m³)")) * sqrt(3) * 100) / 100 + "m"

Each formula in this example contains the mathematical formula for its intended operation.

Next, the operation is run through the round function. We multiply within round() and then divide by 100 in order to round to two decimal places: round(n*100)/100

Finally, we apply the format function to turn the number into a string, allowing us to combine it with its unit of measurement.

Other formula components used in this example:

round – Thomas Frank
add – Thomas Frank
multiply – Thomas Frank
divide – Thomas Frank
pow – Thomas Frank
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