I’m an author, YouTuber, musician, and podcaster who is passionate about helping people become more capable and productive.

Most of my work today is done at College Info Geek – a site I created in 2010 in order to share my experiments in becoming a more effective student.

Today, College Info Geek is one of the world’s largest and best-loved resources for students, and includes a blog, podcast, and a YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers.

My YouTube Videos Every week, I create new videos on studying, productivity, and self-improvement. Here are some of my favorites.

10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades Over 300,000 downloads and 700 five-star reviews on Amazon

Published in January 2015, my first book helps guide students through the process of studying more productivity and boosting their grades – while simultaneously cutting down on their study time.

A short, punchy read, it combines my personal experience as both a student and entrepreneur with data-backed scientific evidence. Digital editions are also available for free at College Info Geek.

My Habit Building Course

For 2020, I launched a brand-new course all about how to build strong habits.

Success in your long-term goals requires regular, incremental progress over a long period of time. In other words, it requires strong habits!

This course will help you to narrow down your goals (especially helpful if you have a lot), break the ones you’re focusing on down into actionable habits, and stick to those habits by combining self-discipline with smart external tools and systems.

Click the link below to get a 2-month free trial on Skillshare, which will allow you to take the course for free!

My Productivity Essentials Course

In January 2019, I launched my first full-fledged course – Productivity Essentials: Create a Custom System That Works. 

It’s a complete guide to creating a productivity system – the combination of a task manager, calendar, file & folder organization method (both digital and physical), note-taking system, and more.

The point of the course: Never let anything slip through the cracks. Once you’ve gone through the course and set up your system, you’ll always be on top of everything in your life.

Click the link below to get a 2-month free trial on Skillshare, which will allow you to take the course for free!

Musical Ventures This one time, my hand slipped and some music accidentally got uploaded to the internet. Then it kept happening.

The Inforium

My podcast The Inforium (formerly The College Info Geek Podcast) is a space for long-form, nuanced conversations about productivity, personal finance, self-development, and other topics related to living a more fulfilling life.

I’m joined on current episodes by my friend Martin Boehme, where we tackle a new topic each week and answer listener questions. In the past, I’ve also interviewed authors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and other interesting people – including Gary Vaynerchuk, Cal Newport, and Gretchen Rubin.

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