Manage Your Entire Content Creation Process in Notion.

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Creator's Companion turns Notion into your central tool for creating YouTube videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, and more.

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Stop Juggling Tools.

Tired of shoving ideas in a note-taking app, managing projects in a to-do app, and tracking completed projects in a spreadsheet? Yeah, me too.

Creator's Companion for Notion - Main Dashboard

Creator’s Companion is an advanced, expansive template that turns Notion into a truly all-in-one tool for managing your content creation process.

Capture ideas and prioritize the best ones, plan your editorial calendar, collect research, write scripts, optimize for SEO, analyze content performance, and even manage your brand deals from one place.

Plus, with optional integration with the Ultimate Tasks template, you get a full-fledged task & project manager built into every content project.

This is the Tool I Use Myself.

Thomas with Camera

Hi, I’m Thomas Frank, and I’ve been a full-time YouTuber, podcaster, and blogger for more than 8 years.

Together with my team, I’ve built a YouTube channel with over 2.4 million subscribers and 136 million views, a blog with 400k monthly visitors, and a long-running podcast.

In 2018, I stumbled across Notion after spending years juggling multiple apps to manage our content process.

Over time, we started using Notion for more and more – replacing other note-taking apps, task managers, and spreadsheets we used in the past. Today, we use Notion for the entire content creation process across 5 active web properties.

Creator’s Companion is the exact system my team and I use to manage all of our channels today. It’s the product of over three years of real-world use and testing.

Go from Idea to "Published".

Creator's Companion is designed with the process in mind.

You'll find features and views that aid in idea capture, SEO, research & scripting, editing, publishing, and more.

💡 Capture Every Idea

Never lose an idea for a video or blog post. The Idea view lets you quickly capture and organize all of your content ideas.

If you haven’t worked on an idea in a while, it automatically goes to a safe archive. No more adding new ideas to a list three miles long.

With the Audience Submissions form, you can even let your audience submit ideas using Notion’s integration with Typeform or Google Forms (via Zapier).

🏆 Identify Winning Topics

Crafting great videos, podcasts, and articles takes a ton of time – and not every idea is created equal.

Validation view helps you figure out which ideas are worth the investment of your time and effort. Then, you can see only your best ideas in one place and prioritize them intelligently.

📋 Track every Project

Creator’s Companion is built to manage multiple YouTube channels, blogs, podcasts – any medium where you create content.

Project Manager view shows you the status of every project across all your channels, and lets you easily manage your content calendar.

📚 Build an Archive

Need to reference an old script? Want to see every video sponsored by a certain brand? Trying to remember when you took a certain piece of b-roll?

Other project management apps don’t do a good job at turning your finished projects into a library.

Notion excels at that job, and Creator’s Companion uses to Notion to add your finished projects to a useful, per-channel archive.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to declare that @TomFrankly is a @NotionHQ hero."
Vera Silva
Vera Silva (@PhDNotion)
Notion Template Creator

Work Smarter AND Faster.

Keep track of your sponsors. Track SEO keywords. Create checklist templates. See posts that need to be updated. And lots more...

Tasks, Sub-Tasks, and Projects

Want to integrate your task management directly into your content planning?

The upgraded Tasks & Projects version of Creator’s Companion fully integrates my Ultimate Tasks template. Every video, podcast, or blog post project gets a task view where you can add task (and sub-tasks).

These tasks will show up in your Inbox, Today, Next 7 Days, and other smart views. 

Put simply, if you’d like to add tasks directly to content projects AND see them amongst all your other tasks, this version is for you.

Creator’s Companion + Tasks & Projects is the ultimate version of the template. The Base version comes at a reduced price and is intended for creators wanting to use a separate task management app.

Tutorials and Support

It's dangerous to go alone! Fortunately, you won't have to.

Creators Companion Support Community

Creator’s Companion includes exclusive access to a private support community on Circle.

In the Tutorials section, you’ll find a full quick-start guide with videos showing you exactly how to set up your channels, capture ideas, and start producing content.

You’ll also find in-depth reference videos explaining every part of the template. I’m not marketing it as a Notion course, but it might as well be.

You can also get answers to your questions in our Support section, add suggestions for improvements, and swap ideas with fellow creators.

"I just dove deep into the Creator’s Companion over the past few days, moving over projects and tasks, and it’s friggin’ epic. There’s a place for everything. THANK YOU."
Bea Chu
Bea Chu (@beachu_tv)
YouTuber, Sound Designer

Buy Creator's Companion

This is a sales page, not an ice cream shop – but you’ve still got flavors to choose from.

Base includes all the core views and features. Manage as many YouTube channels, podcasts, blogs, and social profiles as you need. 

Ultimate Tasks Edition includes everything from Base and also integrates my Ultimate Tasks template (used by more than 10,000 people!) directly into Creator’s Companion.

Either way, this is a one-time purchase, not a subscription.


$ 99 Beta Discount - Reg. $149
  • All Creator's Companion features
  • Tutorials and Documentation
  • Access to an exclusive community where you can get support and exchange tips with other creators

Ultimate Tasks Edition

$ 129 Beta Discount - Reg. $199
  • All Base features
  • Add tasks and sub-tasks to any project
  • See all current tasks in Project Manager view
  • Tutorials and Documentation
  • Access to an exclusive community where you can get support and exchange tips with other creators

Get Notified on Launch Day

Creator’s Companion will launch into a limited beta (with beta pricing) on August 31, 2021. We’re doing it this way so we can update support materials before fully launching.

If you’d like to be the first to know about the beta launch and get Creator’s Companion at beta pricing, sign up for the notification list:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes! After purchase, you’ll get an invite to our support community on Circle, which has an area that will allow you to upgrade to the Ultimate Tasks Edition by just paying the difference.

Nope! Everything in Creator’s Companion will work flawlessly on Notion’s free plan.

In Notion, any page can be made publicly available on the internet. It can also be set up so that others can duplicate it – i.e. add a copy of it into their own workspace.

Creator’s Companion is an expansive template which contains multiple pages and databases. 

When you duplicate Creator’s Companion into your own workspace, you’ll have an exact copy of it that you can then start using.

Absolutely. However, because this is a Notion template, you’re literally copying it into your own workspace.

This means that updates won’t automatically apply to your version of Creator’s Companion. For that reason, each update includes a detailed video upgrade guide which will show you exactly how to make any changes I’ve made to the template.

Absolutely! Creator’s Companion is a Notion template, which means it becomes yours the moment you add it to your workspace. From then on, you can make any tweaks that you want. (Just please don’t share it with others, as it’s a paid template and part of my livelihood!)

However, be aware that making changes to the template may make it harder for you to integrate any updates that I make to the template down the road. I create detailed upgrade guides for all changes, but they can only show how to make those changes from a common starting point.

When you buy Creator’s Companion, you’ll be automatically added to an exclusive Circle community where you’ll find tutorials and documentation. You’ll also be able to ask questions, make suggestions, and interact with me and other creators using Creator’s Companion.

Yes, 100%. All transactions go through Gumroad, which uses secure encryption and doesn’t store your payment details. I never receive or see that information.

Yes – but please read everything here as PayPal makes this complicated

I’ve worked incredibly hard to make Creator’s Companion the absolute best content planning system for creators. I also do my best to answer support requests in a timely manner – so please, reach out if you’re stuck!

However, if you’re still not satisfied after asking for support, I’ll happily refund your money within 30 days of purchase. You can simply reply to the email confirmation you get after purchase to request one.

Important note: Full refunds are available only if you use Gumroad’s default payment gateway. If you choose to pay with PayPal, note that PayPal does not refund the seller’s fee they take when product refunds are sent.

Therefore, if you use PayPal and request a refund, I can only refund the amount you paid minus the PayPal fee (typically around $8-$10).

(This change applies to all purchases after September 15, 2021.)

Example: PayPal’s fee on the $199 Ultimate Tasks Edition is typically around $10.50. Therefore, I can only refund $188.50. (this amount may vary slightly if PayPal’s fee changes)

Many other template makers simply do not offer refunds on their products, since they cannot be “returned” and access cannot be revoked. I believe in offering refunds, but I can’t take an actual loss in income from them. 

Therefore, if you would like the option of a 100% full refund, you must use Gumroad’s payment option when purchasing instead of PayPal.

It depends.

Creator’s Companion makes it easy to manage multiple “channels” – my catch-all term for YouTube channels, blogs, podcast, and other publishing avenues.

You could very easily create channels for each client – or even copy the Sponsor database and create a Client database out of it.

However, you may hit a snag if you want to give a client access to all their projects in a central place. Creator’s Companion uses a central database for ALL your content projects. Right now, Notion does not provide a way to set permissions based on filtered database views – only for the entire database. 

You can get around this by keeping the whole database private, then manually sharing individual pages. But it’s not possible to share a “client” page with a Linked Database view that filters for their projects – you’d have to share the entire Content Tracker database with them, and that may not be ideal.

Of course, you could also simply duplicate the entire Creator’s Companion template as many times as you need, and give each client their own copy.

Yes – all digital products sold to EU customers are required to include a VAT charge, and Gumroad (my payment processor) automatically calculates this charge.

However! If you have a business with a valid VAT number, you can get that VAT charge refunded after purchase. See this Gumroad support article for details.

Happy to answer whatever’s on your mind! If it’s a quick question, ask me on Twitter for the fastest answer. Otherwise, click here to send me an email.