Want to improve your productivity and habits more quickly? You’re in the right place. While 99% of the content I create is free, I also have some more in-depth courses that compress the most useful productivity lessons I’ve learned and systems I’ve created into quick, densely-packed lessons.

Success in your long-term goals requires regular, incremental progress over a long period of time. In other words, it requires strong habits!

This course will help you to narrow down your goals (especially helpful if you have a lot), break the ones you’re focusing on down into actionable habits, and stick to those habits by combining self-discipline with smart external tools and systems.

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This is a complete guide to creating a productivity system – the combination of a task manager, calendar, file & folder organization method (both digital and physical), note-taking system, and more.

The point of the course: Never let anything slip through the cracks. Once you’ve gone through the course and set up your system, you’ll always be on top of everything in your life.

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I run my entire business inside of Notion. My team and I use it to plan content, manage tasks and projects, write scripts, guide video edits, manage our company wiki, and much more.

Notion has become our “one tool to rule them all”, and after spending more than two years learning this tool deeply, I want to help other creators and teams get the most out of it.

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