Learn how to use the email function in Notion formulas.

New in Formulas 2.0

The email() function returns the email address of a Person data type.

email(person) email(personProperty.first()) personProperty.first().email()

If used on a built-in Created By or Last Edited By property, you can use the function directly like prop("Created By").email(). If used on a created Person property, you’ll need to use the first function as well, even if the property is set to a limit of 1.

prop("Assignee").first().email() /* Output: "[email protected]" */

You can also utilise map to return the email address for each person added to the Person property.

prop("Assignees").map( /* Output: ["", "" */
email(prop("Created By")) /* Output: "[email protected]" */ prop("Assignee").first().email() /* Output: "[email protected]" */

Note that the email comes back as plain text, not a link. You would need to use the link function and the mailto: prefix to add the email address.

prop("Last Edited By") .email() .link("mailto:" + prop("Last Edited By").email()) /* Output: "[email protected]" (as a link) */

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