Learn how to use the round function in Notion formulas.

The round() function rounds its argument to the nearest integer (whole number).


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The exact midpoint between two whole numbers will round up towards positive infinity, not “away from zero”.

For example: round(-4.5) will round up to 4.

Rounding Functions - ceil, floor, round, trunc
Note: Notion formulas don’t have a trunc() function (this graphic shows JavaScript rounding functions). But you can build your own trunc expression – see the bottom of this section in the ceil() article.
round(4.5) /* Output: 5 */

4.49.round() /* Output: 4 */

round(-4.49) /* Output: -4 */

-4.5.round() /* Output: -4 */

round(-4.51) /* Output: -5 */
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The round() function doesn’t accept additional arguments, so it can’t natively round a number to a specific decimal place.

However, you can accomplish this using the following formula:

/* Round to two decimal places */
round([number] * 100) / 100

/* Round to three decimal places */
round([number] * 1000) / 1000
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The number of zeroes corresponds to the number of decimal places to which your number will be rounded.

round(9.24551 * 10) / 10 /* Output: 9.2 */

(4.158015 * 100).round() / 100 /* Output: 4.16 */

round(5145.018394 * 10000) / 10000 /* Output: 5145.0184 */
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The example database below contains a formula that rounds the input number to several different decimal places.

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"One Decimal: " + (round(prop("Number") * 10) / 10) +
"\nTwo Decimals: " + (round(prop("Number") * 100) / 100) +
"\nThree Decimals: " + (round(prop("Number") * 1000) / 1000) +
"\nFour Decimals: " + (round(prop("Number") * 10000) / 10000) +
"\nFive Decimals: " + (round(prop("Number") * 100000) / 100000)
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This formula demonstrates decimal-rounding to five different places.

Each rounded number is then converted to a string using the format function, allowing us to craft a five-line block of text.

Note how \n allows us to create a new line in the formula output.

Other formula components used in this example:

format – Thomas Frank
multiply – Thomas Frank
divide – Thomas Frank
add – Thomas Frank
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