List (Array)

Learn about the List (Array) data type in Notion formulas.

A list data type stores a collection of items which can be accessed and manipulated with other functions. These are typically called arrays in other programming languages and greatly increase the functionality of Notion formulas.

Lists are surrounded by square brackets [ ] and can contain strings, numbers, booleans, dates, and other lists.

["Apples", "Oranges", "Pears"]

[1, 2, 3]

[true, false, false]

[now(), prop("Date")]

[["Luffy", "Zoro"], ["Nami", "Chopper"]]
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While lists can be made up of different data types, all non-string items will be converted to strings for the live preview. Their original data types will be retained when accessing each item directly.

["Apples", 1, true, now(), ["Luffy", "Zorro"]] 
/* Live Preview: "Apples, 1, true, @September 7, 2023 9:00 AM, Luffy, Zorro" */

["Apples", 1, true, now(), ["Luffy", "Zorro"]].at(0)
/* Output: "Apples" */

["Apples", 1, true, now(), ["Luffy", "Zorro"]].at(1)
/* Output: 1 */

["Apples", 1, true, now(), ["Luffy", "Zorro"]].at(2)
/* Output: true */

["Apples", 1, true, now(), ["Luffy", "Zorro"]].at(3)
/* Output: @September 7, 2023 9:00 AM */

["Apples", 1, true, now(), ["Luffy", "Zorro"]].at(4)
/* Output: ["Luffy", "Zorro"] */

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The introduction of the list data type brings with it 18 new functions!

  1. at
  2. first
  3. last
  4. slice
  5. concat
  6. sort
  7. reverse
  8. join
  9. split
  10. unique
  11. includes
  12. find
  13. findIndex
  14. filter
  15. some
  16. every
  17. map
  18. flat
  • current
  • index

When using a function like map on a list, a list item’s value and its place in the original list can be accessed with currentand index respectively.

["Luffy", "Zoro", "Nami", "Chopper"].map(
	+ " is number "
	+ (index + 1)
	+ " in the list"

/* Output:
Luffy is number 1 in the list,
Zoro is number 2 in the list,
Nami is number 3 in the list,
Chopper is number 4 in the list */

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Learn more about these built-in variables here.

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