Mastering The YouTube Algorithm

Watch this video. Todd Beaupré is the actual person who leads YouTube’s algorithm team. You may have to watch it directly on YouTube.

“The YouTube algorithm is a puppy. It just wants to bring each audience member the thing they’ll like the most” – Dave Wiskus, CEO of Nebula

The algorithm isn’t super complicated from a creator’s standpoint. Focus on these things:

  1. Getting clicks, aka CTR (clickthrough rate). Optimize title and thumbnail, and make sure your content pays off the click quickly
    1. Avoid clickbait, and don’t front-load your video with a bunch of boring crap. Don’t bore us; get to the chorus.
  2. Keeping people watching, aka AVD (average view duration).
  3. Getting people to watch more, aka Session Time. How long do people spend binging your content?
    1. If you have a hit, it’s best to double down and make more videos like that.
    2. When a person stumbles across one video, then they’ll have lots of others to go and watch afterward.

I can’t stress this enough; pay attention to what is working and make more of it! You need to give new audience members more stuff to binge.

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My name is Thomas Frank, and I'm a Notion-certified writer, YouTuber, and template creator. I've been using Notion since 2018 to organize my personal life and to run my business and YouTube channel. In addition to this formula reference, I've created a free Notion course for beginners and several productivity-focused Notion templates. If you'd like to connect, follow me on Twitter.

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