Notion has just released an absolutely game-changing feature – in fact, without any hyperbole, it is THE feature I have been asking them to add for the longest amount of time.

This feature is called “Group By”, and with it, you can now visually separate rows in your database views.

Grouping currently works in the following database views:

  • Table
  • Board (where it is especially powerful)
  • Timeline
  • List
  • Gallery

Board view gets some especially powerful updates here with the addition of Sub-Groups, which turn your boards into useful grids. For example, here’s a task board grouped by Status and sub-grouped by Assignee:

This concept is also known as swimlanes in project management circles, and it’s a hugely useful addition to Notion.

The final major update is also the most interesting: You can now group database rows using nearly any property type. Here’s a full list of supported properties:

Notion Database Group Properties

Property Notes
Text Options: Exact Name Match or First Letter (Alphabetical)
Number Allows you to set Group Ranges, i.e. "0-100, 101-200"
Multi-Select Rows will show up multiple times if they have multiple tags
Person Rows will show up multiple times if they multiple People
Date Options include Relative, Day, Week, Month, Year
URL Functions just like Text
Email Functions just like Text
Phone Functions just like Text
Formula Choose from Exact Match or Alphabetical (like Text). Dragging rows won't work with this Grouping.
Created By/Time Time allows for same choices as Date
Edited By/Time Time allows for same choices as Date

Want the see all of these new grouping features in action? Here’s a public template version of the Simple Tasks page I use as an example in the video above.

Feel free to duplicate it into your own workspace and poke around!