A Complete List of Every App and Software Tool I Use

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Thomas Frank - All Tools and Apps Notion Database

I get a lot of questions about the software I use to run my business. This week, I decided to definitively answer those questions by creating a resource for you; Thomas Frank’s Tools, Apps, and Resources.

This giant Notion database lists all the apps I use for video editing, motion graphics, business administration, website design and development, writing, habit formation, and more. If I use it to run my business or improve my effectiveness as an entrepreneur, it’s on this list.

You can also check out my gear page to see some of the physical gear I use on a daily basis – camera, microphones, etc. I’ve made a lot of upgrades in recent months, so I’m going to work on updating that next.

Lastly, I’ve just started a new email list specifically for anyone interested in content about business, entrepreneurship, and content creation. If this list of tools interests you, then you may want to subscribe:

Once you’re on the list, I’ll keep you updated about anything I create around those topics.

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🤔 Have a Question?

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